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Good Morning from Parker Guest House!

golden gate, parker Guest House, San Francisco

Bagels, scones, cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, fresh fruit and homegrown lemons & tea happening now behind these windows. (And waiting for the election results from Finland…)

Yesterday was a full-bodied day in San Francisco- from Castro to cable cars, shopping, dining and finding a perfect “lokaali”, a local bar. I’ll post some pictures later. Today we’re planning to bicycle the Golden Gate, and it’s so windy… We’re not sure if it’s a wise idea after the night in Lokaali. They had quite a lot of “booze essence” (alkoholiesanssi) in their cosmos. ūüôā

And now I got the first results from Finland – True Finns 18.7 %. OMG.

We’ll stay here.

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